The perfect setting for folksy, Estonian-style events like receptions, barbecues, colourful dance performances and the like is the Estonian Open Air Museum, where the nation’s rural past comes to life. Set in a tranquil, forested park just outside central Tallinn, the museum presents a collection of nearly 80 historical buildings dating from the late 1600s to the early 1900s, all relocated here from various regions of the country and arranged in village/farm fashion. Among these architectural gems are thatched-roofed farmhouses, wind and water mills, a 17th-century church, a fire station, an inn and a schoolhouse. Costumed museum guides demonstrate farm and household activities, offer horse and carriage rides, sell handicrafts and serve traditional Estonian meals at the inn.

Several buildings and locations can be used for events: 
Name of Hall






Area (m²)

Kolu Inn Stable 150 100 50 150 50 187
Kuie School Seminar Room 40 25 20 113
Kolu Inn Squires´ Chamber 20 24
Seto Farm Barn Room 40 30 30 50 50 60
Kanuti Seminar Room 20


Max capacity theatre: 150
No. of conference rooms: 5
Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 12 13521, Tallinn
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