New coronavirus restrictions in force from March 3rd 2021

The Estonian government at an e-sitting on Friday 26 February approved more stringent measures for curbing the spread of the coronavirus which will remain in force until March 28. The rules come into effect on March 1 and March 3.

Public meetings, events, entertainment prohibited until March 28

Indoor public meetings, including conferences, theater performances, concerts and movie screenings, both with and without fixed seating, are prohibited from March 3 to 28. The restrictions do not concern events streamed online with no other participants than the performers and the streaming staff. Participants must nonetheless follow the 2+2 rule and disinfection requirements.

Public meetings, events, services, entertainment

Being present and moving around is likewise prohibited from March 3 to 28 in other places of entertainment, such as casinos, nightclubs, bowling and billiard courts and children’s playrooms as well as in museums and galleries.

Entertainment, religious services, events and meetings as well as visiting museums and exhibitions is permitted in outdoor environments for groups of up to 10 people, and the groups must not come into contact with one another. Events are prohibited from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.


Catering establishments must close at 6 p.m. from March 3, after which only the sale of meals for takeaway remains permitted. The 50-percent cap on occupancy remains in place, and the 2+2 rule must be adhered to on the premises. The restriction does not apply to families. A mask must be worn when moving around in catering establishments.


Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager