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Konverentsikalender 2015

Kuupäevad Konverents Organiseerija Teema Toimumiskoht Osavõtjaid
25.-27.01.2015 38.Congress of INTA (International Urban Development Association)
Tallinn City, INTA Urban Development Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel 200
05.-08.02.2015 44th Baltic Musicological Conference
The Department of Musicology, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and the Estonian Musicological Society Education Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn  
06.-08.02.2015 2015 IOF High Level Event Seminar (HLES)
Estonian Orienteering Federation, International Orienteering Federation Sports Pirita Top Spa Hotel Tallinn  
12.-13.02.2015 EDUCERI- Fifth thematic conference - Education Governance: The Role of Data
OECD   Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn  
26.-27.02.2015 Nordic-Baltic Energy Conference
Norden Energy Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn  
06.-06.03.2015 International conference on basic Latin and Greek in high school and university in the beginning of the 21st century
University of Tartu Linguistics University of Tartu 35
13.-15.03.2015 Psychoanalysis in our Time
NSU, Tallinn University Science Tallinn University  
18.-20.03.2015 IEEE EDUCON2015
TUT Engineering Education Tallinn University of Technology 250
Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations Housing Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn  
26.-27.03.2015 CIDREE National Coordinators' Meeting
CIDREE   University of Tartu  
26.-27.03.2015 International seminar Soil trafficability – challenges for soils and vehicles
Estonian University of Life Sciences   Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu,  
26.-26.03.2015 Baltic Sea Forum
CITYWATER in collaboration with the Association of Estonian Cities Marine Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn  
27.-28.03.2015 TMW Music Industry Conference!/conference
Tallinn Music Week Music Industry Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn 800
08.-09.04.2015 GameDev Days
Creative Mobile, Tallinn University and the International Game Developers Association IT Tallinn University  
14.-16.04.2015 Agroforum Balticum 2015
Estonian University of Life Sciences   Tartu  
16.-17.04.2015 VII International Conference: Variety in Management: Management in Various Contexts
University of Tartu   University of Tartu  
16.-17.04.2015 HITSA International Conference "Smart User of New Technology is Taking Over"
HITSA IT Tallinn University of Technology  
17.-19.04.2015 NOBA (Nordic-Baltic Dance Network for Young Audiences)Tartu meeting 2015
Nordic-Baltic Dance Network for Young Audiences Dance Tartu  
21.-23.04.2015 2nd regional conference on CCS: Baltic Carbon Forum 2015
BASREC   Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn  
22.-24.04.2015 ESD Conference
Tallinn University   Tallinn University  
27.-29.04.2015 37th Euroheat & Power Congress
Estonian Power & Heat Association, Euroheat&Power Industry Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn 250
30.04.2015-03.05.2015 The 12th ILA (International Light Association) Conference
ILA Light medicine Hotel Euroopa, Tallinn  
05.-09.05.2015 The 4th CFMAE / 7th MERYC Conference
Tallinn University Education Tallinn University  
07.-08.05.2015 6th International Conference on BIosystem Engineering
EMÜ Life Sciences Estonian University of Life Sciences 200
07.-09.05.2015 The Why Linguistics Conference
University of Tartu   Tartu University  
12.-13.05.2015 Tallinn E-Governance Conference
EGA IT Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn  
13.-16.05.2015 XIIIth Conference of the Baltic Child Neurology Association
  Medicine Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu  
13.-13.05.2015 Finance Estonia International Forum 2015
FinanceEstonia, EstVCA and EstBAN Finance National Library of Estonia, Tallinn  
14.-17.05.2015 Annual General Assembly of the European Alliance of YMCA's
YMCA Europe   Tallinn  
14.-15.05.2015 Latitude59
Tallinn University of Technology IT Tallinn Creative Hub 700
14.-16.05.2015 2nd CEE Summit on Digital Dentistry
Sirona Dentistry Tallink Spa and Conference Hotel, Tallinn  
14.-18.05.2015 IPO2015 (International Philosophy Olympiad)
University of Tartu Philosophy Tartu 180
18.-20.05.2015 International Conference Oceans Past V
Tallinn University marine science Tallinn University  
18.-21.05.2015 21st International Conference on Types for Proofs and Programs, TYPES 2015
Institute of Cybernetics, Tallinn IT Tallinn  
19.-23.05.2015 EuroMab2015
Enviromental Board of Estonia, UNESCO, MAB   Haapsalu Cultural Centre 150
26.-29.05.2015 The 7th International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon 2015)
NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence Defence Swissotel Tallinn  
01.-04.06.2015 The 9th International Lessons Learned Conference (ILLC)
Baltic Defence College Education Tartu, Dorpat Conference Center 200
01.-02.06.2015 11th Nordic Pesticide Residue Workshop
Agricultural Research Centre Agriculture Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn  
03.-05.06.2015 Biennal Nordic Social Pharmacy and Health Services Research Conference (NSPC)NSPC&NNGCP 2015
University of Tartu Medicine Tartu, Dorpat Conference Centre  
03.-05.06.2015 International Testing Conference / Nordic Testing Days
Estonian Testing Board   Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn  
04.-06.06.2015 XXV Nordic Baltic Congress of Cardiology
Estonian Society of Cardiology Medicine Swissotel Tallinn  
04.-05.06.2015 EUSUHM 2015- XVIII Biennial European Union for School and University Health and Medicine Congress
TAI Medicine Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn 450
04.-06.06.2015 ESSPD Workshop - European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders
Tallinn University   Tallinn University  
05.-05.06.2015 3rd Annual Baltic Business Aviation
  Aviation Tallink Spa and Conference Hotel, Tallinn 60
09.-10.06.2015 EuroEAP - Fifth international conference on Electromechanically Active Polymer (EAP) transducers & artificial muscles
EuroEAP Society Science Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel, Tallinn  
10.-13.06.2015 Nordisch-Baltisches Germanistentreffen University of Tallinn   Tallinn  
10.-12.06.2015 CIDREE Board Meeting and CEC meeting 2015
University of Tartu   University of Tartu  
11.-14.06.2015 6th Conference on Molecular Mechanisms of Regulation of nervous System - Models and Therapies
  Neurochemistry Tartu  
11.-12.06.2015 5th GeekOut
Zero Turnaround IT Salme Kultuurikeskus, Tallinn 400
12.-14.06.2015 Digital Elite Camp
  IT Laulasmaa Spa and Conference Hotel  
14.-17.06.2015 European Society of Neurochemistry Conference on Molecular Mechanisms of Regulation of Nervous Systems
ESN Chemistry Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu 350
14.-16.06.2015 The 7th international conference "Economic Challenges in Enlarged Europe"
Tallinn University of Technology   Tallinn  
15.-19.06.2015 13th Nordic Conference on Religious Education (NCRE) - Shifting Borders in Religious Education
Tartu University, Faculty of Theology Education Tartu, Tartu University 100-120
15.-19.06.2015 6th Nordic Geographers Meeting - Geographical Imagination: Interpretations of Nature, Art and Politics
Estonian Geographical Society, Tallinn Univeristy, University of Tartu, and Estonian University of Life Sciences Science, Geography Tallinn & Tartu 350
15.-17.06.2015 8th Biennial Conference of the European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW)
EATAW, TUT Education Tallinn University of Technology 250
15.-18.06.2015 3rd Baltic-Nordic Summer School on Neuroinformatics (BNNI 2015)
University of Tartu Science University of Tartu  
16.-19.06.2015 10th ICBEM- The 10th International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism
The International Society for Bioelectromagnetism and Tallinn University of Technology Science Tallinn University of Technology  
18.-20.06.2015 2015 CESNUR Conference
Tallinn University   Tallinn University  
19.-20.06.2015 15th Gene Forum
Tartu Science    
30.06.2015-02.07.2015 6th Eurovariety in Chemistry Education 2015
University of Tartu Science Chemicum, University of Tartu  
02.-04.07.2015 ABIS Annual Colloquium 2015
  Organizational Studies Tallinn  
07.-07.07.2015 MAPSI 2015 - Managing Art projects with Societal Impact conference
European Commission (EACEA) Lifelong Learning Programme Culture Tallinn  
13.-17.07.2015 Cyber Security Summer School 2015
Tallinn University of Technology / HITSA   Laulasmaa Spa and Conference Hotel  
14.-17.07.2015 23nd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology
ESPP Science University of Tartu  
18.-18.07.2015 ICR 2015 : Interdisciplinary Cyber Research workshop 2015
Tallinn University of Technology   Tallinn University of Technology  
21.-30.07.2015 The 8th European Ostracod Meeting (EOM8)
Inst. of Ecology and Earth Sciences, University of Tartu Bio- and geosciences Tartu  
17.-20.08.2015 NASS IX (Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies) Conference
  Semiotic Studies Tartu  
20.-23.08.2015 JCI Nordic Inspiration Conference
JCI Estonia   Tallinn  
Estonian Sports Medicine Association Medicine Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu  
23.-30.08.2015 IUFRO Landscape Ecology Conference 2015
IUFRO – International Union of Forest Research Organizations Science, Landscape Ecology Tartu  
24.-26.08.2015 International Conference on Software and System Process, ICSSP 2015
University of Tartu, EXCS IT Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn  
24.-26.08.2015 7th Baltic Heat Transfer Conference (BHTC)
Tallinn University of Technology Engineering Tallink Spa and Conference Hotel, Tallinn  
24.-27.08.2015 HBSM 2015 - 12th International Conference on Hole Burning, Single Molecule and Related Spectroscopies: Science and Applications
Institute of Physics, University of Tartu on August 24–27, 2015. Science Institute of Physics, University of Tartu on August 24–27, 2015.  
26.-28.08.2015 14th International Conference on Perspectives of Business Informatics Research, BIR 2015
University of Tartu IT University of Tartu  
26.-29.08.2015 43rd Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
Faculty of Law University of Tartu Law Tallinn  
02.-05.09.2015 AIPPI International Baltic Conference
AIPPI Law Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel, Tallinn  
08.-11.09.2015 XV Baltic Peat Producers' Forum Estonian Peat Association   Kuressaare  
10.-12.09.2015 European Consortium for Sociological Research Annual Conference
Tallinn University   Tallinn University  
10.-11.09.2015 Annual Conference of Baltic Family Doctors   Medicine Pärnu Concert Hall  
10.-12.09.2015 8th Congress of the Baltic Association of Surgeons
Baltic Association of Surgeons, Estonian Association of Surgeons Medicine Nordea Concert Hall, Tallinn  
10.-16.09.2015 22th Nordic Mycological Congress
University of Tartu Mycology Kääriku Leisure and Sports Center of the University of Tartu  
The Estonian Association of Appraisers      
17.-18.09.2015 Baltic Project Management Days 2015
  Project Management Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel, Tallinn  
20.-25.09.2015 LUMDETR 2015 - 9th International Conference on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation
University of Tartu Physics and Materials Science Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu  
20.-23.09.2015 ECLAS 2015 - European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools
Estonian University of Life Sciences, ECLAS Landscape Architecture Estonian University of Life Sciences  
23.-25.09.2015 Science Show International Cup 2015 (SSIC15)
Science Centre AHHAA, EUSEA (the European Science Events Association) and NSCF (the Nordic and Baltic Science Centre Association) . Science Tartu, Tallinn, Pärnu  
28.-29.09.2015 13th International Baltic Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition – Baltic ALD 2015
University of Tartu Science Institute of Physics, University of Tartu  
07.-09.10.2015 5th International Conference of Young Folklorists "Folklore of Connections, Folklore of Conflict"
  Folklore Viljandi  
19.-22.10.2015 3rd European Conference on Information Literacy
Tallinn University - Institute of Information Studies Education Tallinn University 300
28.-30.10.2015 BAAC Conference 2015 - Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council Conference
BAAC   Baltic Film and Media School Tallinn  
05.-06.11.2015 BALTMATTRIB 2015
Tallinn University of Technology   Tallinn University of Technology  
18.-19.11.2015 Airline Engineering and Maintenance: Central & Eastern Europe and Russia conference
MRO Network Aviation Tallinn