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Konverentsikalender 2014

Kuupäevad Konverents Organiseerija Teema Toimumiskoht Osavõtjaid
08.-11.01.2014 The Seventh International Conference on Music Theory
EASchÜ Music Tallinn, Pärnu  
19.-20.01.2014 Baltic Urban Forum for Smart Cities
Smart City Lab   Hotel London, Tartu  
25.-29.01.2014 7th Global WordNet Conference
University of Tartu, The Global WordNet Association Linguistics & Language Technology Tartu, University of Tartu 70-100
12.-13.02.2014 Economic framework conditions, productivity and competitiveness of Nordic and Baltic agriculture and food industries
NJF agriculture Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu  
01.-02.03.2014 Annual Congress of the European Cycling Union
European Cycling Union cycling Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn 90
07.-07.03.2014 Labour Mobility and Transnationalism in the Nordic-Baltic Region
Nordic Council of Ministers´Office in Estonia Labor Mobility Tallinn, KUMU Art Museum 200
17.-21.03.2014 Quality Education for Children at Social Risk
SOS Children`s Villages International, SOS Children’s Villages Estonia, Keila Education Foundation, Keila Town Government, and Tallinn University Education Keila-Tallinn 150-200
28.-28.03.2014 XIV Scientific Conference of Estonian Maritime Museum Estonian Maritime Museum history Tallinn University 160
14.-18.04.2014 2014 IEEE European School of Information Theory (ESIT) IEEE Technology Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn 90
23.-30.04.2014 Estonian ICT Week
  IT Tallinn  
24.-25.04.2014 3rd The Changing Face of Music and Art Education International Scientific Conference
Tallinn University, Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Music Education Tallinn University 150-200
24.-25.04.2014 Baltic Landscape Forum
ELAU Landscape Architecture Tallinn Teachers House  
25.-26.04.2014 IAIMTE 2014
Tallinn University   Tallinn University 50
29.04.2014-03.05.2014 EASLCE (The European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture and the Environment) Biennial Conference Framing Nature
Dept of Semiotics, University of Tartu Semiotics Tartu University Library, Tartu 220
01.-01.05.2014 INQAAHE
SA Archimedes education Tallinn 250
01.-04.05.2014 European Alumni Meeting - EAM (International Alumni Association)
EAM   Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn  
07.-09.05.2014 The 7th Conference of Baltic Society of Sport Sciences
University of Tartu, Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences Sport Science Tartu, Dorpat Conference Centre 160
08.-09.05.2014 5th International Conference "Biosystems Engineering 2014"
    Estonian University of Life Sciences 200
08.-10.05.2014 Humanist Greek in Early Modern Europe
Tartu University Library   TU Library  
12.-13.05.2014 6th Nordic Casemix Conference
  Medical Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn. 157
14.-16.05.2014 10th European Workshop on Microelectronics Education
Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Computer Engineering Microelectronics Education Nordic Hotel Forum 75
14.-15.05.2014 Intergame 2014: 2nd International Game Industry Conference
North Expo Marketing IT, game industry, entertainment Tallinn University 200-300
21.-23.05.2014 37th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association
University of Tartu, Estonian Business School   Tallinn 1100
22.-23.05.2014 Strengthening the Baltic-Nordic Research Collaboration
NordForsk reseach Tartu  
26.-28.05.2014 INQAAHE (International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education) Forum 2014
Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency Education Nordic Hotel Forum Tallinn  
29.-31.05.2014 ECLA (European Company Lawyers Association) Conference and General Assamble
Eesti Ettevõtlusjuristide Ühendus, ECLA Law Hall of RMK, Tallinn, Swedbank Tallinn  
02.-04.06.2014 BNAM 2014- Biennial Baltic-Nordic Acoustic Meeting
Acoustical Society of Finland   Tallinn University  
03.-04.06.2014 8th Annual NordCrit Conference
University of Helsinki Education Tallinn University  
04.-06.06.2014 International Testing Conference
Estonian Testing Board IT Meriton Grand Conference & SPA Hotel 300
08.-11.06.2014 11th International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems
Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Computer Engineering & Institute of Cybernetics Databases and Information Systems Tallinn 75
10.-19.06.2014 4th Annual Meeting of IGCP 591
University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology Geology University of Tartu  
11.-13.06.2014 IX International Conference “Electric Power Quality and Supply Reliability” PQ2014
Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Electrical Engineering Electricity Rakvere 96
12.-14.06.2014 European Media Management Education Association Annual Conference 2014
EMMA, BFMS, Tartu University media, education Tallinn University  
12.-13.06.2014 The Approaches of Liberal and Illiberal Governments to International Law: a Conference ...
European Society of International Law   University of Tartu History Museum  
15.-17.06.2014 6th international conference
Tallinn University of Technology, Bank of Estonia, SSEM Economics Hotell Euroopa, Tallinn 75
16.-19.06.2014 IAMPS 2014
Tallinn University of Technology Military Psychology Tallinn University of Technology 58
18.-19.06.2014 Conference "Emerging Screen Sites/Sights: Cinema Culture around the Baltic Sea 1895-1920"
Estonian History Museum Film Museum, Estonian Film Institute, Estonian Film Archives, Cinema, History Tallinn University  
26.-28.06.2014 22nd International Conference
University of Tartu - Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Tallinn Technical University - Faculty of Social Sciences Economics Jäneda  
30.06.2014-02.07.2014 European Association of Research Managers and Administrations (EARMA) 20th Annual Conference 2014
EARMA, Tallinn University Research Tallinn University  
06.07.2014-11.06.2014 EUCHEM 2014
TUT Chemistry Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia  
16.-18.07.2014 PLE 2014 – the 5th Personal Learning Environments Conference
Tallinn University, PLE Education Tallinn University  
31.07.2014-03.08.2014 13th Biennial Conference of EASA (European Association of Social Anthropologists)
Tallinn University Anthropology Tallinn University 1130
04.-09.08.2014 10th International Conference on Clifford Algebras and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics
University of Tartu Applied sciences University of Tartu, university library  
11.-14.08.2014 Forest landscape mosaics: disturbance, restoration and management at times of global change
Estonian University of Life Sciences Institute of Forestry > and Rural Engineering Tartu Forestry Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu 137
14.-17.08.2014 The 13th International Conference on Web-based Learning
Tallinn University web-based learning MARE Building of Tallinn University 80
20.-23.08.2014 the 7th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas (MMV)
Tallinn University, EMU Recreation Tallinn University  
25.-29.08.2014 XXXIII Scientific Instrument Symposium Scientific Instrument Commission   University of Tartu Museum  
27.-30.08.2014 15th European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour
Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute   Tallinn University 500-800
07.-10.09.2014 The 2014 PuRE-net and TWN annual meeting
The Estonian State Real Estate Company real estate   60
08.-12.09.2014 IUTAM Symposium 2014 Complexity of Nonlinear Waves
IUTAM, IOC at TUT Science Tallinn, Nordic Hotel Forum 70
10.-12.09.2014 Bellies, Bodies, Policey. Embodied Environments...
Institute of History Tallinn, Tartu University & KAJAK   Tallinn, Tartu  
10.-12.09.2014 17th European Patent Judges' Symposium EPO   TTÜ Mektory, Tallinn  
10.-12.09.2014 The 3rd European Conference on Mental Health
Evipro Oy, Tallinn Health Care College Medical Tallinn 300
12.-14.09.2014 ESH-EHA Seminar & Summit ESH Medicine Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn  
16.-20.09.2014 22nd Congress of European Sleep Research Society Estonian Sleep Medicine Association   Tallinn 1500
17.-19.09.2014 IOI Europe Conference 2014
Office of the Chancellor of Justice Tallinn Justice Estonian Academy of Sciences and Office of the Chancellor of Justice 120
17.-19.09.2014 Baltic Dynamics 2014 - Where is the future?
Tartu Science Park, Tartu City, Tartu Regional Energy Agency, Interreg IVC Innovation Tartu  
17.-18.09.2014 The 17th Baltic Animal Breeding Conference
Estonian Animal Recording Centre Agriculture Radisson Blu Hotel Olympia  
22.-23.09.2014 3rd EuroBioForum
EuroBioForum Medicine Radisson Blu Sky Hotel Tallinn 100
23.-27.09.2014 The 7th Knowledge Cities World Summit 2014
Tallinn University, World Capital Institute Knowledge based society Tallinn University  
24.-27.09.2014 ENPHE 2014
Tartu Health Care College medical Dorpat Hotel, Tartu 155
26.-27.09.2014 EMA General Assembly Estonian Midwives Association Medicine   62
26.-29.09.2014 International Wader Study Group Annual Conference
International Wader Study Group Nature Haapsalu  
01.-01.10.2014 DAAAM International Manufacturing and Logistics Summit Tallinn University of Technology Automation, manufacturing Tallinn  
01.-04.10.2014 European Prison Education Association (EPEA) decision makers meeting „Policy and Quality in Education in Prison“
EPEA Estonian representation Education Tallinn 70
06.-08.10.2014 The 14th Biennial Conference on Electronics and Embedded Systems
Tallinn University of Technology Electronics Tallinn University of Technology, Laulasmaa Resort and SPA  
08.-10.10.2014 INMA European News Media Conference
INMA, Estonian Newspaper Association Media Swissotel Tallinn, Tallinn 200
08.-10.10.2014 The Nordic Urban and Housing Research Conference TUT   Tallinn University of Technology  
08.-09.10.2014 Nordic IUG (Nordic Innovative Users Group) 2014 meeting
ELNET Consortium   National Library, Tallinn University  
10.-11.10.2014 Baltic Congress of Radiology Est Society of Radiology, Est Society of Radiographers Radiology Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Pärnu  
16.-19.10.2014 2nd Congress of Baltic Microbiologists
Estonian Society of Microbiology Science, Microbiology Tartu, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Tartu 100-150
23.-26.10.2014 ECTA(European Communities Trade Mark Association) 68th Council Meeting
ECTA Economics Tallinn  
05.-08.11.2014 15th Annual Conference of Association for Educational Assessment Europe
AEA-Europe, Innove Education Meriton Grand Conference & SPA Hotel 250
12.-13.11.2014 CyberCrime 2014 Tallinn University of Technology IT Tallinn 150
14.-15.11.2014 2nd Annual Nordic Interdisciplinary Dentistry Conference
  Medical Swissotel Tallinn  
17.-21.11.2014 Forensic Information Technology (FIT) Working Group Annual Meeting
Estonian Forensic Science Institute Foresic Science Tallink Spa and Conference Hotel, Tallinn  
19.-20.11.2014 TopConf Tallinn 2014
  software Sokos Hotel Viru  
11.-12.12.2014 International Conference on Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation (ICAAT 2014)
Tallinn University of Technology Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn