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Konverentsikalender 2014

Kuupäevad Konverents Organiseerija Teema Toimumiskoht Osavõtjaid
08.-11.01.2014 The Seventh International Conference on Music Theory
EASchÜ Music Tallinn, Pärnu  
19.-20.01.2014 Baltic Urban Forum for Smart Cities
Smart City Lab   Hotel London, Tartu  
25.-29.01.2014 7th Global WordNet Conference
University of Tartu, The Global WordNet Association Linguistics & Language Technology Tartu, University of Tartu 70-100
12.-13.02.2014 Economic framework conditions, productivity and competitiveness of Nordic and Baltic agriculture and food industries
NJF agriculture Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu  
07.-07.03.2014 Labour Mobility and Transnationalism in the Nordic-Baltic Region
Nordic Council of Ministers´Office in Estonia Labor Mobility Tallinn, KUMU Art Museum 200
17.-21.03.2014 Quality Education for Children at Social Risk
SOS Children`s Villages International, SOS Children’s Villages Estonia, Keila Education Foundation, Keila Town Government, and Tallinn University Education Keila-Tallinn 150-200
28.-28.03.2014 XIV Scientific Conference of Estonian Maritime Museum Estonian Maritime Museum history Tallinn University 160
14.-18.04.2014 2014 IEEE European School of Information Theory (ESIT) IEEE Technology Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn 90
23.-30.04.2014 Estonian ICT Week
  IT Tallinn  
24.-25.04.2014 3rd The Changing Face of Music and Art Education International Scientific Conference
Tallinn University, Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Music Education Tallinn University 150-200
29.04.2014-03.05.2014 EASLCE Biennial Conference Framing Nature
Dept of Semiotics, University of Tartu Semiotics Tartu University Library, Tartu 220
01.-01.05.2014 INQAAHE
SA Archimedes education Tallinn 250
07.-09.05.2014 The 7th Conference of Baltic Society of Sport Sciences
University of Tartu, Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences Sport Science Tartu, Dorpat Conference Centre 160
08.-09.05.2014 5th International Conference "Biosystems Engineering 2014"
    Estonian University of Life Sciences 200
08.-10.05.2014 Humanist Greek in Early Modern Europe
Tartu University Library   TU Library  
14.-16.05.2014 10th European Workshop on Microelectronics Education
Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Computer Engineering Microelectronics Education Nordic Hotel Forum 75
14.-15.05.2014 Intergame 2014: 2nd International Game Industry Conference
North Expo Marketing IT, game industry, entertainment Tallinn University 200-300
21.-23.05.2014 37th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association
University of Tartu, Estonian Business School   Tallinn 1100
22.-23.05.2014 Strengthening the Baltic-Nordic Research Collaboration
NordForsk reseach Tartu  
02.-04.06.2014 Baltic-Nordic Acoustic Meeting Acoustical Society of Finland   Tallinn University  
04.-06.06.2014 International Testing Conference
Estonian Testing Board IT Meriton Grand Conference & SPA Hotel 300
08.-11.06.2014 11th International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems
Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Computer Engineering & Institute of Cybernetics Databases and Information Systems Tallinn 75
10.-19.06.2014 4th Annual Meeting of IGCP 591
University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology Geology University of Tartu  
11.-13.06.2014 IX International Conference “Electric Power Quality and Supply Reliability” PQ2014
Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Electrical Engineering Electricity Rakvere 96
12.-14.06.2014 European Media Management Education Association Conference
EMMA, BFMS, Tartu University media, education Tallinn University  
12.-13.06.2014 The Approaches of Liberal and Illiberal Governments to International Law: a Conference ...
European Society of International Law   University of Tartu History Museum  
15.-17.06.2014 6th international conference
Tallinn University of Technology, Bank of Estonia, SSEM Economics Hotell Euroopa, Tallinn 75
18.-19.06.2014 Conference "Emerging Screen Sites/Sights: Cinema Culture around the Baltic Sea 1895-1920"
Estonian History Museum Film Museum, Estonian Film Institute, Estonian Film Archives, Cinema, History Tallinn University  
26.-28.06.2014 22nd International Conference
University of Tartu - Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Tallinn Technical University - Faculty of Social Sciences Economics Jäneda  
29.06.2014-02.07.2014 European Association of Research Managers and Administrations (EARMA) 20th Annual Conference 2014
EARMA, Tallinn University Research Tallinn University  
06.07.2014-11.06.2014 EUCHEM 2014
TUT Chemistry Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia  
30.07.2014-03.08.2014 13th Biennial Conference of EASA
Tallinn University Anthropology Tallinn University 1000
04.-09.08.2014 10th International Conference on Clifford Algebras and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics
University of Tartu Applied sciences University of Tartu, university library  
11.-14.08.2014 Forest landscape mosaics: disturbance, restoration and management at times of global change
Estonian University of Life Sciences Institute of Forestry > and Rural Engineering Tartu Forestry Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu 250
20.-23.08.2014 the 7th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas (MMV)
Tallinn University, EMU Recreation Tallinn University  
25.-29.08.2014 XXXIII Scientific Instrument Symposium Scientific Instrument Commission   University of Tartu Museum  
27.-30.08.2014 15th European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour
Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute   Tallinn University 500-800
08.-12.09.2014 IUTAM Symposium 2014 Complexity of Nonlinear Waves
IUTAM, IOC at TUT Science Tallinn, Nordic Hotel Forum 70
10.-12.09.2014 Bellies, Bodies, Policey. Embodied Environments...
Institute of History Tallinn, Tartu University & KAJAK   Tallinn, Tartu  
12.-14.09.2014 ESH-EHA Seminar & Summit ESH Medicine Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn  
16.-20.09.2014 22nd Congress of European Sleep Research Society Estonian Sleep Medicine Association   Tallinn 1500
17.-19.09.2014 IOI Europe Conference 2014
Office of the Chancellor of Justice Tallinn Justice Estonian Academy of Sciences and Office of the Chancellor of Justice 120
17.-19.09.2014 Baltic Dynamics 2014 - Where is the future?
Tartu Science Park, Tartu City, Tartu Regional Energy Agency, Interreg IVC Innovation Tartu  
23.-27.09.2014 The 7th Knowledge Cities World Summit 2014
Tallinn University, World Capital Institute Knowledge based society Tallinn University  
26.-27.09.2014 EMA General Assembly Estonian Midwives Association Medicine   50
01.-01.10.2014 DAAAM International Manufacturing and Logistics Summit Tallinn University of Technology Automation, manufacturing Tallinn  
01.-04.10.2014 European Prison Education Association (EPEA) decision makers meeting „Policy and Quality in Education in Prison“
EPEA Estonian representation Education Tallinn 70
08.-10.10.2014 INMA European News Media Conference
INMA, Estonian Newspaper Association Media Swissotel Tallinn, Tallinn 200
08.-10.10.2014 The Nordic Urban and Housing Research Conference TUT   Tallinn University of Technology  
16.-19.10.2014 2nd Congress of Baltic Microbiologists
Estonian Society of Microbiology Science, Microbiology Tartu, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Tartu 100-150
23.-26.10.2014 ECTA 68th Council Meeting
ECTA Economics Tallinn  
05.-08.11.2014 15th Annual Conference AEA-Europe
AEA-Europe, Innove Education Meriton Grand Conference & SPA Hotel 250
12.-13.11.2014 CyberCrime 2014 Tallinn University of Technology IT Tallinn 150