The City Government of Tartu and airline Finnair have reached an agreement on adjusting the current flight schedule. As of the end of April, flights from Tartu to Helsinki will depart in the mornings and flights from Helsinki to Tartu will arrive late in the evenings.

The new flight schedule will  offer passengers more connecting flights, thus making it more convenient for international guests to access Tartu. In addition, Finnair and the city will increase cooperation in the area of marketing to enhance the popularity of Tartu as a must-visit destination.

Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia, located 185 km south of Tallinn, considered the capital of Southern Estonia. Tartu is the nation´s main centre of knowledge and study as well as home of the oldest university in Estonia. Tartu hosts many scientific conferences every year.

The new flight schedule will become effective from 28th April 2018. The flights are offered six days a week: the flight departs from Tartu at 5.35 a.m. and arrives in Helsinki at 6.20 a.m.,  offering passengers almost 35 different connecting flights in the 3-hour period early in the morning. The flight from Helsinki departs at 12.05 a.m. and arrives in Tartu at 12.45 a.m. There are no flights from Helsinki to Tartu during the nights from Saturday to Sunday and from Tartu to Helsinki on Sunday mornings.