If you wish to experience the best food in Tallinn you should choose your next restaurant from the culinary master book White Guide Nordic. The guide divides restaurants into four categories: global masters level, masters level, very fine level and fine level restaurants.
Compared to last year, the number of recommended restaurants has increased in all three countries, from 60 to 160. Estonia, being the smallest of the three Baltic countries, has the largest representation in the guide.
‘When it comes to gastronomy, the Baltic region is going through a very dynamic phase right now,” says Aivar Hanson, publisher of the guide in the Baltics. This development started a bit earlier in Estonia but Latvia and Lithuania are now catching up fast. Restaurants all over the region are now transforming from simply offering food to offering really exciting culinary experiences. In Latvia and Lithuania, these places are emerging as we speak”.

The White Guide Baltic TOP 30 Restaurants:

1. NOA Chefs Hall (Estonia)
2. Vincents (Latvia)
3. Alexander Chef’s Table (Estonia)
3. Nüman (Lithuania)
5. Alexander (Estonia)
6. Ö (Estonia)
7. Sweetroot (Lithuania)
8. Gastronomika (Lithuania)
9. Juur (Estonia)
10. Monte Pacis (Lithuania)
11. Telegrafas (Lithuania)
12. NOA (Estonia
13. Horisont Restaurant & Bar (Estonia)
14. Art Priori (Estonia)
15. Monai (Lithuania)
16. Ribe (Estonia)
17. Kannas (Latvia)
17. Cru (Estonia)
19. Restorant 3 (Latvia)
20. Bordoo (Estonia)
20. Džiaugsmas (Lithuania)
22. Leib Resto&Aed (Estonia)
23. Pärnu Rannahotelli Restoran (Estonia)
24. COD (Latvia)
24. Farm (Estonia)
26. Biblioteka no 1 (Latvia)
26. Parrot MiniBar (Estonia)
26. Põhjaka (Estonia)
26. Tchaikovsky (Estonia)
30. Uoksas (Lithuania)