1. New, Fresh Destination in Europe

We all know that many delegates travel often and have already been to the long-established conference cities – maybe even more than once. For most delegates, this is completely new and undiscovered part of Europe.

Estonia is full of positive surprises and will definately exceed your guests´expectations. Breaking from the herd and giving delegates the chance to see this different corner of Europe is bound to boost their attendance as well as their satisfaction.

Destination Estonia

2. Amazing, historic atmosphere

This is no fairy-tale. This is the capital city Tallinn.
First-time visitors are amazed by Estonia's historic ambience. Imagine strolling past Medieval walls and gates, Gothic churches, curious little lanes lit with old-fashioned lamps and a man in 16th-century merchant's garb selling his wares from a cart.

3. Medieval and Modern - A blend of old and new

At the same time Estonia's cities are surprisingly modern, with the latest high-tech conveniences always at hand. It's this combination of old and new, Medieval and modern, that gives Estonia its unique flavour.

4. Perfectly sized - Sustainable by Nature

Distances in Estonia are conveniently short, with major hotels, event venues, sights, restaurants and shopping concentrated the same central area, all within easy walking distance. That means there's no need for delegates to waste time waiting for transfers, figuring out public transportation or sitting in traffic.

And for organisers, it simply saves cost on transfers and travel cards.

5. Awesome Unique Venues

Need a mind-blowing venue for corporate conference or offsite reception?

Choosing a venue that stands out from the crowd is a sure way to make your Estonian event one to remember. Estonia boasts a wealth of quirky, individual venues offering something a little different. From Tallinn’s Song Festival Grounds or Seaplane Harbour to the Great Guild Hall or the disused Power Plant, choose from one of the country’s many unique locations to ensure your meeting or event is extraordinary.

Venue Finder

6. Extraordinary Activities

7. One of the World´s Most Advanced E-Societies

Estonia is famous for creating high-tech solutions and using them in daily life. The examples of popular e-services include e-tax, e-residency, e-elections, e-prescription, digi-ID, and m-parking earning it the nickname “E-Estonia”. Free public wifi is available just everywhere- in hotels, cafés, bars, shopping malls, city squares, parks and even at the beaches. Host your IT-related event in Estonia and your delegates will have the chance to see these systems in action!


8. World-Class Hotels

9. Keeping your Delegates Happy

Your guests will enjoy the convenience of staying in a compact, walking-distance city - no long transfers or traffic jams to deal with. Free Wi-Fi is available just about everywhere. Gourmet food can be had at an affordable price. The euro is the local currency and credit / debit cards are widely accepted. Estonia is a safe EU country as well as a member of the Schengen visa area.

10. Closer than you think

Getting to Estonia is easy. Most major European cities are less than two hours away by air. Tallinn is only 1 hour from Stockholm and Copenhagen and 2 hours from Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Getting Here

11. Excellent Value for Money

The country has impressed more than a few budget-conscious organisations by offering 5-star quality at 4-star prices. Organising a conference in Estonia won´t break the bank. Many organisers are positively surprised by the value for money offered by an Estonian event.

12.Easy Organising

Other points that make organising an event Estonia effortless are the fact that it’s in the Schengen zone, it uses the euro as its currency, credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere and English is widely spoken.

Estonia´s can-do attitude makes setting up your event incredibly easy. The Nordic work culture meants that those in the industry speak English, respond promptly, offer flexible solutions and keep their promises. There´s no bureaucracy and no hidden costs. Rather than engaging in fierce competition with one another, Estonian suppliers – Team Estonia – work in tandem to guarantee clients the best possible outcomes for their events.

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