In 2021 the Pan-European Voice Conference (PEVOC) will bring it´s 14th conference in Tallinn thanks to the work of the society´s local representatives. The attendance figure is likely to be around 400 from 40 countries.

The official news announced in their previous conference in Ghent, Belgium in the end of August this year. Decision to make conference in Estonia was made due to a good international reputation of Estonia, as an innovative and responsible partner. It is a great opportunity for Estonia to strengthen cooperation and mutual understanding between actors involved in various aspects of voice topic, and to get a top-notch experience within this field.

The PEVOC is an interdisciplinary conference for voice professionals to exchange knowledge about the human voice. PEVOC is a series of biannual conferences, ambulating between European cities and takes place in different European cities every two years. The next Conference will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2019.

Last three destinations hosting PEVOC conference :

  • PEVOC 12, Ghent, Belgium: «Cherishing Cross-Fertilizing Worlds»
  • PEVOC 11, Florence, Italy: «αn Old Bridge over new findings»
  • PEVOC 10, Prague, Czech Republic: «Celebration of Interdisciplinary Collaboration»

Dates for the conference in Estonia : 19-22 August 2021

The bid was supported by Estonian Convention Bureau.