There are plenty of possibilities to spend a nice and relaxing holiday in Tartu as well as plenty of information about the events and attractions for tourists. However, the amount of business tourists in Tartu is rising rapidly and finding sufficient information about suitable places, events and entertainment may be a struggle.  To catch up with the demand Tartu County Tourism Foundation has created a blog for business tourism. The aim of the blog is to offer information and events for the people travelling for work purposes and/ or for those who are organizing business meetings and conferences.

Tartu Business Tourism  is a blog from where you can get latest news connected with Tartu business tourism.  From this blog you can find information about biggest and most interesting events in Tartu, read about new venues, best practices and developments in the city.

Visit Tartu Business Toursim blog website at http://www.visittartu.com/blog/

More information: Kaia Lehtsaar, Executive Manager,Tartu Convention Bureau, kaia.lehtsaar@visittartu.com